Point of Sales Solutions for all Business Categories

We provide customized, affordable, Point-of-Sale and Inventory solutions to the retail, food and hospitality industries in Trinidad & Tobago.

Point of Sale and Inventory Software: Starts from
TT$ 7000.00


Retail Software for:

• Supermarkets
• Mini-Marts
• Variety Store
• Drug or Pharmacy Store
• Automotive
• Restaurants
• Food Court Kiosks
• Hardware
• Clothes Store
• Roti Shops
• Bars 

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Our Point-of-Sale solutions are the easiest to use. Because our software is built from ground up and customized right for you, you can get any feature and function that you imagine.

Compatible Hardware


Product Details


Works with any Windows Computer, mouse or touchscreen


All hardware can be easily connected together


Applies to a variety of retail stores


FREE setup, installation and training. 

Software License Prices

General categories of stores where our POS and Inventory solution can be used. All prices are for Software only, and include free setup, installation, training, customizations and three(3) months free support. Software prices are for one(1) register software license, unless stated otherwise. Additional register software license $2,500.
(Prices are subject to change at any time)

BUSINESS CATEGORY PRICE (Software Only) (Minimum)
Auto (Parts Store, Garages, Repair shops etc) 
$ 7,500 (Software Only)
Bars (Clubs, Pubs, Sports Club etc)$ 8,500 (Software Only)
Beauty and Spas (Beauty Shops, Nail Salons, Hair salons etc)
$ 6,500 (Software Only)
Casinos$ 6,500 (Software Only)
Clothes (Clothes stores, cosmetics etc)$ 6,500 (Software Only)
Electronics (Computers, Networking etc)$ 7,000 (Software Only)
Fast Food (Roti Shops, Burger, Doubles, Food Kiosks, Food Trucks etc)$ 7,000 (Software Only)
Hardware [up to 2 registers]$ 15,500 (Software Only)
Jewellery $ 6,500 (Software Only)
Mini Marts (Bakery, Small Shops, Palours etc)$ 7,000 (Software Only)
Pharmacy (Drug Stores, Medical, Dental etc)$ 7,000 (Software Only)
Pharmacy Prescription Module$ 3,000 (Software Only)
Restaurants $ 7,000 (Software Only)
Supermarkets [up to 5 registers]$ 65,000 (Software Only)
Variety Stores $ 7,000 (Software Only)
Vegetable Stores $ 6,500 (Software Only)

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